Diversity for Restoration

A tool developed to help with decision-making on the use of appropriate tree species and seed sources for tree based restoration, originally designed for tropical dry forest in Colombia, and aimed at all those interested in planting or regenerating trees, including scientists, restoration planners and practitioners as well as public authorities, investors and donors.

The Initiative

Diversity for Restoration (D4R) was developed for the project "Restoration of tropical dry forest in Colombia" led by Bioversity International in collaboration with Forestpa SAS, the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, and the National University of Colombia. The project was financed by Ecopetrol, Empresas publicas de Medellin and the Government of Antioquia.

Ecological restoration of degraded land is a global concern. Tropical dry forest is one of the most threatened ecosystems in Colombia, with only 7% of its original cover remaining. Its restoration is a priority for the country but presents challenges, not least due to seasonal rains and long dry seasons that can impact the survivorship of planted material.

To improve the effectiveness of restoration action in tropical fry forest, D4R was developed to help in the appropriate choice of species and identify seed sources for the project site that meet the desired restoration objectives. D4R also takes into account climate change when choosing appropriate material, and includes information about the propagation of more than 300 tree species.

How does it work

Identify the area of your interest.

Select the area to be restored and define the site conditions.

Introduce the number of tree species to plant.

Indicate the restoration objectives.

Download the results directly on your device or receive the report by email.

Partners & Sponsors

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